Our company is a newly established fabrication shop, fabricating for various companies related to Fire protection, High-risk protection, detection & civil earthworks. Collectively we carry in-depth knowledge and experience of well over 32 years of piping fabrications. Offering various services to cater for any and every need that clients may request.

Breaking barriers and raising expectations is what we do best, so in a simple phrase, every task will be challenged and completed with intense care with managing members actively involved. Meeting and exceeding client’s expectations is an element we strive to achieve on every project. Communications are open and tailor made strategies are formed to overcome obstacles, commitment runs deep in our company and we always meet obligations in set time frames. 

Our main goal is to offer a service, where our clients can have complete peace of mind, clear communications and real-time status reports, with a complete package delivery on site, where installations can commence without any delay.